Enigmatic Mexican psych-rockers Espectroplasma have been wowing those in the underground scene with their for the past eighteen years, and although they’ve made a name for themselves in their homeland, thanks to their insistence on mystery, very few outside their homeland have heard them.

That’s about to change.

On October 18th, we will unleash Espectroplasma on the rest of the world. While their previous three records found them practicing in a heady blend of sci-fi surf rock a la Man…Or Astroman?, their Devil In The Woods debut finds the unpredictable band offering up two heavy numbers that eschew the garage and head straight for outer space. Long, heavy, and epic space rock is the name of the game here. “Monster” is an eight minute jam that is positively cinematic in nature; it sounds like it could have come off of any number of Tangerine Dream soundtracks, most especially their critically acclaimed Thief.

But it’s the flipside that really excites us. If the a-side is modernistic and technical in a clean, sophisticated computerized way, the flip, “Pyramid,” is pure psychedelic cosmic boogie that offers up a sound that could best be described as “Tangerine Dream meets Sweet.”

That’s not hyperbole.

We urge you give it a listen and tell us we’re wrong.

Trust us.

The only thing that makes this fifteen-minute space trip better? Knowing that it is only the beginning. The mysterious spacemen of Espectroplasma are currently working away in their secret hideout, putting the finishing touches on their next full-length album, which we plan on releasing in the next few months.

We hope you enjoyed this little test flight, and we hope that you will fly Espectroplasma again.

And again.

And again.

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