Though Twin Tones shares a lineage with Espectroplasma, it is a completely different listening experience. Borne at roughly the same time, Twin Tones has been a steady concern since 2001, having released albums of their own as well as highly regarded collaborations with Danny Amis (Los Straightjackets), Dan Stuart (Green On Red), and Abbie Cardwell. They have a much more fluid membership, the band consisting of whoever happens to be around at the time the record button is pressed. On November 19th, Devil In The Woods will formally introduce you with a new single, “Agua de Coyote,” backed with “Sibalaume.” The former is a fuzzed-out and forlorn Spaghetti Western number, complete with brass section, while the latter is a fast paced organ-driven garage rock psychedelic rocker that’s drenched in fuzz and enhanced by brass.

To describe the music of Twin Tones is to detract from the uniqueness of the band. One record might have a distinctively southwestern flavor that reminds of Calexico or Friends Of Dean Martinez. Another song might have a traditional Mexican arrangement, diving into mariachi or cumbia or a hybrid of both. Some of their work might even remind of the great Italian composers Ennio Morricone or Nino Rota. Sometimes, they might not sound like any of the above.

That’s the beauty of Twin Tones—you can sort of guess what to expect, but the only way to know is to listen.

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